The steel used for the aluminum electrolytic cells was first developed by JISCO, which has reached the international advanced level

From pre-trial tests to current batch orders, Jisco has conquered the customers with perfect surface quality and excellent physical and chemical index. Recently, after the assessment of the National Steel Standard Commission and the science and Technology Department of Gansu Province, the industry standard of YB/T0229 -2020, which is made by Jisco and used for shell of large-scale aluminum reduction cell, has reached the international advanced level.

With the upgrading of aluminum electrolysis technology and cell type, the traditional cell is becoming more and more overloaded, and the phenomenon of expansion and extrusion, aluminum corrosion, and so on occur frequently, the cell shell damage caused by cell deformation is becoming more and more serious, and the end-of-life time of most electrolyzers is far less than the design life. “Taking Dongxing aluminum company as an example, 1,008500ka reduction cells have suffered a huge economic loss due to their shell deformation,” said Jiang Jun, general manager of Hongxing’s Mill.

To solve many bottlenecks in the production of electrolytic cells, JISCO first put forward the design concept of a steel plate for the shell of an electrolytic cell with high temperature and deformation resistance and graphitization resistance in China, in conjunction with Shenyang magnesium-aluminum Research Institute, University of Science and Technology Beijing and Lanzhou University of Technology, the design of upgrading materials and control technology of microstructure and properties for supporting steels in the process of electrolytic aluminum technology and groove upgrading were also carried out, according to its requirements and equipment characteristics, the project of“Development and popularization of steel plate for the shell of large-scale aluminum reduction cell with high life” was carried out.

The project team researched the damage mechanism of the electrolytic cells, the application of aluminum supporting steel, the service process, and the development and production of steel grades, and gradually solved the problems of graphitization of welding, high-temperature tearing, and low yield strength, etc., the developed product has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, deformation resistance, graphitization resistance, easy welding, long life and so on. Compared with the traditional electrolytic cell material Q355B, the strength level is increased by two grades, high-temperature mechanical properties, high-temperature creep properties, better welding performance, and cell life up to 2 times, to achieve the cell from the required materials r & D, production to cell equipment manufacturing design and production, to the electrolytic cell application integration operation, JISCO has become the national large-scale aluminum electrolytic cell design, research, and development, manufacturing base. After trial, the products have been Dongxing aluminum, Xinjiang info, and other users highly recognized.

According to the evaluation of the National Steel Standard Commission and the Department of Science and Technology of Gansu province, the high-performance steel plate for the shell of the aluminum reduction cell, which is innovatively developed by JISCO and used in the complex field service environment, has filled the blank of the steel plate for the shell of large-scale aluminum reduction cell in our country, it is the first of its kind in China and has reached the international advanced level. The industry standard of“YB/T0229-2020”, which was put forward and formulated by JISCO for the first time in our country, standardizes the scientific and rational use of

steel in the electrolytic aluminum industry, and promotes the upgrading of the key equipment of electrolytic aluminum, has reached the international advanced level.

According to the introduction, at present, the steel products for the shell of the large-scale aluminum electrolytic cell developed by JISCO have already occupied a certain market share and have been recognized by the industry. In the later stage, it is still necessary to cooperate with the sales and technical personnel, share JISCO Product R & D technology dividends, continuously improve the electrolytic aluminum industry on the product input follow-up income recognition, promote JISCO, and users to share a win-win situation.

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