The first volume of electrical steel products off-line

A few days ago, the first cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel 50JW800 was successfully rolled off the production line, and its magnetic properties have reached the advanced level of the industry after continuous withdrawal, which can meet the user needs of customers, marks the JISCO into the field of electrical steel production.

Silicon steel production process complex, narrow process window, and production difficulties, known as steel products in the arts and crafts. It is divided into non-oriented silicon steel and oriented silicon steel according to the grain orientation in the structure. Iron and steel enterprises in the development of silicon steel, generally non-oriented silicon steel from the beginning. With the development of the electric power industry, Silicon Steel has become the largest amount of functional soft magnetic materials in the world, widely used in power, electronics, military, and other fields.

“They can not be made without silicon steel,” said Du Xin, director of Hongxing’s carbon steel sheet factory and director of the Institute of Carbon Steel Sheet Research, pointing to a mobile phone charger on his desk and a computer host beside him. “Silicon Steel is everywhere in our lives.”

It is reported that the production of non-oriented silicon steel at JISCO is difficult due to the limitation of bell-type furnace equipment and uncoated units, and the control of cleanliness, castability, microstructure uniformity, and grain size of molten steel has become a technical bottleneck.

After extensive market research and technical exchanges among technical personnel, we will continue our efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of our products, non-oriented silicon steel R & D is put on the agenda in the carbon steel sheet plant. With a silicon content of 0.9% and a carbon content of less than 0.004%, the Institute of Carbon Steel and Strip Research at Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology to research the composition of non-oriented silicon steel suitable for JISCO’s CSP production line and cold-rolled bell-type annealing process, make the whole process of smelting, rolling and annealing process plan.

The completion of the program, for the production of non-oriented silicon steel, is only the first step in the Long March. This type of steel requires not only a high surface finish, dimensional tolerances, and flatness, but also magnetic properties with low iron loss and high magnetic induction. Therefore, the steel-making, continuous casting, hot-rolling, cold-rolling and annealing, and other aspects of the full cooperation.

R & D team from high silicon high aluminum casting technology, key hot rolling process parameters,  cold rolling welding quality improvement, etc., remove the casting flocculation, weld virtual welding, fine grains, uneven structure of a block. Finally, on April 26 this year, the first cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel 50JW800 cold-hardened products were successfully off-line, to achieve a silicon steel JISCO product “Zero” breakthrough.

“The downline of 5OJW800 means that the carbon steel products of JISCO have successfully entered a completely new field,” Du said. “Compared with the industry’s advanced products, which cover the entire brand of non-oriented silicon steel production, JISCO’s non-oriented silicon steel product  line development  has  just started.” Silicon steel production level has become an important basis for measuring the manufacturing level of iron and steel enterprises. In the next step, the factory will continue to focus on the bell-type furnace annealing process of silicon steel and improve the magnetic properties of the work, while higher grades of non-oriented silicon steel challenge silicon steel products to add new members to the family.

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