Strip Processing

The stainless steel coils produced from the stainless steel factory are standard widths, such as 1219mm and 1500mm, but this stereotyped width plate often does not meet the client’s application requirements. Therefore, we need to change the width according to the client’s application requirements. Splitting a stainless steel coil longitudinally into multiple stainless steel strips that meet the client’s width requirements is called strip processing, also called slitting. Usually, it needs to go through the uncoiling, slitting, leveling, winding, and repackaging process. At the same time, we can also laminate and attach the paper to the steel strip in the slitting process.

Processing Range:

  • Processing Thickness:0.3-10 mm
  • Coil Width:50-2100mm
  • Coil Inner Diameter:508-760mm
  • Coil Outer Diameter:2000mm Max.
  • Max. Weight:35T
  • Strip Width:20.8mm Min.

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