Shearing Plate

We usually stock cold-rolled stainless steel coils and hot-rolled stainless steel coils with thickness below 10mm. When the client does not need the whole stainless steel coil, we will divide the coil into stainless steel plates that meet the client’s length requirements, and this production method is called plate shearing.

Sheet Processing Range:

  • Thickness:0.3-3.0mm
  • Width:1650mm max.
  • Length:6000mm max.
  • Outer Diameter:508-2000mm
  • Inner Diameter:508-610mm
  • Weight:25T max.
Shearing Plate

Plate Processing Range:

  • Thickness:2-16mm
  • Width:500-2200mm
  • Length:700-12000mm
  • Outer Diameter:2000mm max.
  • Inner Diameter:480-762mm
  • Weight:35T max.

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