JUDE’s experience in polishing stainless steel surfaces began in 2011, initially as a polishing service for neighboring stainless steel distributors and manufacturing workshops. As demand has increased dramatically, polished stainless steel sheet has become one of our main products. In this field, we can provide any specific Ra or grit finish – as fine as a 3 Ra Max. near-mirror. By far, the product we are most proud of is the logo on the back of the iPhone.

Polishing Capacity:

  • Length:1000mm-13000mm
  • Thickness:0.3mm-40mm
  • Width:20mm-3000mm
  • Surface:No.4/HL/8K/SB/DUPULA
  • Grid: 40/60/80/100/120/150/ 180/240/320/400/800
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