Stainless steel brushing refers to the surface treatment process that stainless steel surface processing like a filamentary texture grain effect. Its surface is matte. Looking closely, you can see a hint of the grain on the stainless steel surface but with no tactile reflection. The brushed stainless steel surface will be more wear-resistant and have a decorative effect. Nowadays, stainless steel brushing is the most popular surface treatment process in the stainless steel industry. Usually, the stainless steel surface is combined with the brushing machine to repair and restore the scratches and weld seam and ultimately achieve the overall brushed stainless steel surface.

JUDE has the capability of brushing the surface of cold-rolled stainless steel sheets. Usually, after clients select the corresponding size of cold rolled stainless steel sheet, they ask us to carry out different ways of brushing treatment, and the brushing effects we can achieve are: stainless steel brushed straight, stainless steel brushed messy, stainless steel brushed corrugated, stainless steel brushed thread.

Brushing Capability:

  • Width:  1550mm max.
  • Length: 6000mm Max.
  • Thickness: 0.5-6mm
  • Additional Features: Double-sided lamination

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