Social and Public Welfare Undertakings

Enthusiastic participation in social welfare is not only Jude’s obligatory social responsibility but also an important part of our culture. We make use of our resources and technical advantages to develop a systematic and comprehensive corporate public welfare strategy based on our product structure and operational characteristics, and at the same time, we lead our employees to establish a correct concept of public welfare, enthusiastically participate in social public welfare activities and jointly create a good social public welfare environment. Over the years, the active investment in social welfare has accumulated profound resources and core competitiveness for JUDE and promoted our sustainable development.
  • Initiated the establishment of a charitable foundation for the Wuxi stainless steel industry, with 27 steel companies already participating
  • Established scholarships in 2 universities in Wuxi to encourage and help students from poor families to complete their studies
  • Donated money and materials to areas where natural disasters occurred, totaling CNY 3.468 million
  • Purchasing agricultural products from poor areas for staff welfare and social donations
  • Investing in the agricultural product processing industry to help local economic development and improve the living conditions of the local poor
  • Organize volunteer activities to clean the community environment, condolences to orphans and widows, participate in social rescue and other activities
  • Donate funds and materials to create a harmonious community
  • Helping people in poor areas find employment

Helping Employees Achieve a Better Life

JUDE has continued to grow for 15 consecutive years, thanks to our investment in employees. At JUDE, employees not only create value for the company, but we pay more attention to what employees can get. The happiness index of employees is an important criterion for evaluating our management level.

  • Offers generous compensation that exceeds industry standards
  • Employees hold company shares
  • Continuous improvement of the social security system for our employees
  • Create a healthy and safe working environment
  • To pay attention to and help resolve difficulties encountered by employees’ families and take a unique approach to involving families in company activities
  • Create diverse career development directions and promotion space for employees
  • Provide a wealth of vocational training opportunities
  • Eliminate any form of discrimination and unfair treatment
  • Limit overtime work and establish humane working hours
  • Empower employees and encourage employees to disagree
  • Provide holidays and benefits above the legal limit
  • Leading employees in social welfare
  • Provide flexible working hours and workplaces for working parents
  • Encourage staff to exercise and provide free gym equipment and space

Protecting the Ecological Environment

Jude actively promotes green steelwork, and strictly abides by the “Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other laws and regulations, through technological transformation and innovation, we continuously improve energy efficiency, and strictly control and reduce the discharge of wastewater, waste gas and solid waste. We are committed to building an urban steel company that is higher than urban standards and conforms to urban green construction. This is reflected in the following aspects:
  • Using clean energy and reducing harmful emissions of gases and carbon dioxide
  • Equipped with wastewater treatment equipment to recycle water resources
  • Invest in greening, continue to increase the area of green vegetation in the plant area, and carry out routine maintenance
  • 100% recycling of solid waste
  • Paperless office

ISO14001-2015 Environmental Management System Certification

How We Adjust Our Work to Cope With COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis that affects all of our projects and all of the countries we serve. The industries we serve now face multiple challenges – from the risk of contracting the virus itself and its impact on overstretched health services, to the ripple effects of containment measures on supply chains, production, and logistics.

In this context, we need to take all necessary measures to ensure the health of our employees in our factories and offices, defend the continuity and long-term sustainability of the company and its value chain, to do everything we can to maintain the functioning of the communities in which we operate, and to support the regions and people with whom we operate.

  • Formulate specific epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of employees
  • Ensure that production and deliveries are not affected by the epidemic
  • Conscientiously implement all government requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and report data
  • Donate materials to areas severely affected by the epidemic
  • Sending volunteers to help the community in epidemic prevention and control and publicity
  • Set up an emergency response team to be responsible for epidemic prevention and control

JUDE COVID-19 prevention and control measures

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