JISCO’s successful supply of hydrogen-resistant steel to China’s“Hero oil field”

Recently, the most stringent ingredient limit control in the history of carbon steel making at JISCO has successfully broken the process bottleneck. Another fist product of JISCO, hydrogen-resistant steel, has gone off-line, filling the gap in the northwest region. The 30-ton hydrogen-resistant steel plate produced by JISCO was sent to the so-called “Hero oil field” Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum, which has been described as a major contribution to the Chinese revolution.

At the beginning of this year, Yang Xinlong and other technicians from the Institute of Carbon Steel Wire Rod and Rod were invited to conduct online training for container steel production and development of the Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Company. After the training, JISCO’s container steel production capacity, steel performance, and supply capacity were approved by the extension of oil and decided to entrust Jisco to produce hydrogen-resistant steel plates for its oil pipeline construction.

The basic components of petrochemical products are carbon and hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen atoms in steel service environments are easy to migrate and diffuse to weak areas. When hydrogen is present in steel and the stress is greater than a critical value, hydrogen embrittlement fracture will occur. Therefore, hydrogen corrosion resistance is a“Hard bar” in petrochemical container steel production.

Restricted by the“Characteristics” of hydrogen, hydrogen-resistant steel production has always been the major steel enterprise that does not dare to touch the field. At present, there are only a few steel mills with hydrogen-resistant steel production capacity in China. “Despite this, we still can’t bear to refuse the olive branch extended by China’s ‘Hero Oil Field’,” said Jiang Jun, chief engineer of Hongxing’s Mill. Jiang said that although there is no experience to draw on and it is extremely difficult to develop technology, JISCO has many years of experience in container steel production and the products have been well received by customers, so it has a foundation and more confidence in container steel production. Based on this, JISCO took this“Big Order.”.

“Blocking” the“Chronic” erosion of hydrogen atoms and preventing hydrogen embrittlement of steel plates is the key to“Anti-hydrogen”. After theoretical deduction and experimental verification, the technical personnel has found the key technology of hydrogen-resistant steel development, reducing the sulfur content in steel to reach the limit of 30 ppm.

Yang Xinlong led the technical staff to consult, communicate and discuss with each other, and finally finalized the optimization plan of steel-making composition, from selecting low-sulfur materials to hot metal desulphurization, and converter desulphurization, and then refining desulphurization, to achieve the whole, the ultimate desulfurization. To improve the uniformity of steel plates, the operators control the narrow range of composition and optimize the uniformity of billet in the process of smelting-continuous casting-rolling-heat treatment. The defects in the steel are compacted and compacted into one. At the same time, the steel plate is shipped to the stainless steel branch for heat treatment, to ensure a more uniform distribution of ingredients.

Through the joint efforts of the three units, the hydrogen-resistant cracking steel of JISCO was successfully taken offline. After testing by the state authorities, hydrogen corrosion resistance and welding performance are up to standard, and JISCO became the supplier of the Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group.

“JISCO’s successful R & D of hydrogen-resistant steel is a useful exploration for JISCO to bring into play its advantages of big technology and big integration and make all-out efforts to create a fist product. This means that JISCO products occupy a place in the high-end product line, further strengthening the voice of JISCO, and will lay the foundation for JISCO’s brand to move towards a bigger market,” Jiang said.

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