JISCO’s easy-welding steel product quality and sales achieved a double breakthrough

After more than half a year of hard work, JISCO easy-welding steel products in the process quality control technology to achieve a substantial improvement, its high-performance and low-cost characteristics of the market to welcome. At present, tens of thousands of tons of products have been sold to many markets, such as Xi’an, Chengdu, and Xining. They are used in steel structure processing and construction machinery processing for customers and have played a positive role in promoting enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Since this year, by the epidemic, rising prices of raw materials, poor sales channels, and other factors, the steel sales of JISCO are facing great difficulties. In this grim situation, to increase technological R & D efforts, process optimization, quality improvement as the focus, upgrading to create close to the market, close to the user’s cost-effective products, plays a vital role in occupying the market and improving the profitability of enterprises.

In October last year, Jiugang successfully developed weldable steel combined with the reality of the market. Compared with traditional alloy steel, it has obvious advantages in mechanical properties, cold-bending impact properties, and weldability, and its surface quality is good, the utility model effectively solves the problem that perplexes the processing and manufacturing of the steel structure, and meets the use demand of the downstream users for the easy-to-weld steel. Facing the downward pressure of the steel market this year, in order to achieve the goal of“Reducing the cost and not lowering the quality, reducing the cost and not lowering the efficiency”, the mill of Hongxing joint stock company combined with the use of products, the process and product quality of the steel were optimized to enhance the stability of the production process, focus on improving product quality, reduce production costs and enhance the enterprise’s innovation point.

At the early stage of R & D, the surface crack of weldable steel is very serious, which is a problem difficult to deal with. After more than half a year’s hard work, through adjusting the rolling process parameters, we have basically solved the original sporadic, line and other problems, making the product composition and performance more stable, the process control is more mature,” said Yang Xinlong, head of the project at the Institute of Middle Plate Wire and rod research at the mill. “The weldable steel can meet the requirements of  0℃-20℃ at room temperature for use at multiple levels. It achieves the“Multi-level” performance of“One steel”, which can reduce the user’s welding preheating temperature, improve welding efficiency and achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.”. In addition, due to the process quality control, this easy-to-weld steel without vanadium, manganese, and other elements, compared to other welding plates, in the production cost has advantages.

In order to further enhance the enterprise benefits, this year, the factory’s R & D staff actively visit the market, efforts to expand product sales, focus on easy-to-weld steel and other steel products do a good job in technical marketing. “Previously, we only sold easy-to-weld steel in one market. This year, we have been in touch with customers and the products have been sold in many markets, including Xi’an, Chengdu, and Xining, effectively increasing our market share. As of May, our production of weldable steel products has exceeded the full-year production plan by 2 times. In the future, we will continue to increase the production capacity of weldable steel according to market demand, and strive to play an active role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises,” Yang said.”.

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