JISCO steel industry to strengthen scientific and technological support to activate the momentum of development

Adhere to innovation-led development, cultivate and strengthen new momentum; strengthen technological innovation, and strengthen key core technology research in 2021, the steel industry of JISCO has been guided by innovation to promote management optimization and upgrading, product upgrading, and industrial transformation and upgrading. Through continuously increasing scientific and technological input, the pace of scientific and technological innovation has been accelerated, the innovation capacity has been continuously enhanced, new progress has been made in the translation of innovation results and breakthroughs have been made in economic and technological indicators. The 2021 has launched eight major science and technology projects with core competitiveness, there are 29 basic research and new process research projects, 22 new product research and development projects focusing on product structure adjustment and market demand, and 32 new product expansion pilot projects for product expansion, through improving the technical quality of technology and equipment to achieve target progress, cost reduction, energy saving and consumption of 48 technical improvement projects.

Based on the reality of the enterprise, Hongxing joint-stock company focuses on the development of new steel grades, aims at high-end, differentiation and customization of special industries, and speeds up the R & D and marketing of high value-added products, we have effectively promoted the quality of various products and the branding of conventional products, and 2021 the development of 22 new products such as galvanized high-strength steel for automobile and ultra-pure low magnetic Austenitic stainless steel. Sales of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium products exceeded 200,000 tonnes, with a market share of more than 25% and a market share of more than 80% for high-end razor Martensitic stainless steel, RH refining process to become a breakthrough, to fill the technical gap in JISCO.

In 2021 year, Hongxing Co., Ltd. increased its efforts in original research and key technology research. It carried out 139 science and technology projects and granted 261 new patents, to apply for 11 provincial scientific and technological achievements, 3 provincial scientific and technological progress awards, 2 new industrial products awards in Gansu Province, and 16 national, industrial and group standards as editor-in-chief, a number of key R & D Projects won national and provincial awards. The industrial application of suspension magnetization roasting technology of fine ore was realized. The recovery of metal was increased by 25.4%, and the utilization ratio of Jingtieshan iron ore was effectively increased. At the same time, the steel industry has made remarkable economic and technological progress, with 96% progress in the 25 technical and economic indicators controlled by the group, the coke-in-furnace ratio improved by34.1 kg/t, 30.5 kg/t, and 6.5%, respectively, while the coke-in-furnace ratio improved by 15.8 kg/t and 3.5%, respectively.

On the premise of analyzing its shortcomings and advantages, Hongxing corporation has made clear its technological innovation ideas for 2022: to strengthen the main position of innovation, deepen the combination of industry, university, and research, and fully stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises in the new era. This year, Hongxing joint-stock company to play a leading role in the iron and steel industry chain, focus on“The main line”, a solid advance in high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel industry chain construction, we will gradually realize innovation, transformation, and steady development. To strengthen the leading role of new energy materials, seize the great historical opportunity of the development of new energy industry, develop, expand and accelerate the production of zinc, aluminum and magnesium, nuclear stainless steel, hydroelectric stainless steel and other products, covering more than 300,000 tons of new energy materials in the four major fields of wind, solar, water and nuclear; expanding the base of new materials for high-end manufacturing; To develop new high strength and high purity corrosion resistant materials such as high strength Aluminized Zinc, silicon steel, ultra pure ferritic stainless steel, automobile stamping steel, etc. To push forward the integration of HSBC and stainless steel industrial park, with an annual production of metal products reaching more than 30,000 tons; to deepen the deep processing of gas and 200,000 tons of coal tar through self-construction or the introduction of upstream and downstream cooperation; develop steel co-production.

Clear thinking leads to clear direction. This year, Hongxing’s joint-stock company will focus on science and technology projects, promote the adjustment and upgrading of product structure, and promote the high-quality development of the group. The proportion of science and technology investment in the whole year has reached more than 4.0% of the main business income, it plans to launch 155 science and technology projects, with a science and technology project completion rate of more than 82 percent, accept 280 patents and take up 25 percent of invention patents. It will formulate a plan for advancing the work of the Innovation Consortium Project in 2022, we will strengthen coordination, innovation, cooperation, and exchange with member organizations of the consortium, and achieve more than 82 percent of our goals. We will vigorously pursue key scientific and technological research and the transformation of research results, and research and application of green and low-carbon technologies, we will carry out major scientific and technological projects, such as research on the application of blast furnace coke oven gas technology, continue to promote the work of replacing Coke with coal and implement major original and innovative scientific and technological projects that will lead the development of the industry, to carry out technical research on BOF bottom dusting, to strengthen research on the development and utilization of mineral resources in and around the mine, to actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and to further utilize carbon dioxide as a resource, progress on carbon reduction.

In the development of new products, hongxing joint stock company always adheres to the idea of“Two-way and two-effect” and multi-variety, small batch and differentiation, open up the process line, achieve stable production, continue to expand the high-end market share, achieve a stable growth of new products, new products and expand the annual production of more than 448,000 tons of test products, try to turn“Bonsai” into“Landscape”.

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