JISCO Austenitic stainless steel 904L, 254SMO series of products to achieve stable batch supply

Recently, JISCO’s 254SMO super Austenitic stainless steel 2B products have successfully entered several well-known domestic plate heat exchanger manufacturers and achieved stable supply, marking the JISCO stainless steel with 6MO super Austenitic stainless steel batch production capacity.
Super Austenitic stainless steel is a class of stainless steel with high molybdenum content and excellent corrosion resistance, which is much better than 316L on the premise of better formability. In a harsh environment, such as sulfuric acid, and seawater, its corrosion resistance is outstanding, not only can it withstand any concentration of atmospheric pressure, but any temperature of acetic acid corrosion, in formic acid, phosphoric acid, and its mixture of acids also have good corrosion resistance. The 254 smo is a 6MO Austenitic stainless steel with a PREN of 43, with its high anti-pitting and anti-crevice corrosion ability, it is widely used in flue gas desulfurization units, seawater desalination units, seawater heat exchangers, desalination industry, chlorine-containing bleaching equipment and so on.
In 2020, Jisco began to produce 904L and 254SMO stainless steel Austenitic stainless steel. After two years of hard work, various technical bottlenecks in the production process of this kind of stainless steel have been solved. The entire series of products of 904L, 254SMO Austenitic stainless steel plate, and No. 1,2B have been successfully developed, and the surface quality and performance of the products reach the same level in foreign countries, realizing the stable batch supply of 904L and 254SMO series products.
To enrich the series of super Austenitic stainless steel products of JISCO and meet the needs of more different customers, JISCO stainless steel has started the industrial trial production of N08367 and N08926 super Austenitic stainless steel, the industrial production of 7MO super Austenitic stainless steel (654SMO) was demonstrated.

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