“Fist product” of silicon steel made by carbon steel sheet factory

Since this year, Hongxing Carbon Steel Sheet Co., Ltd. has seized the rare market opportunity of non-oriented silicon steel and taken many measures to solve the key links and bottleneck technical problems that restrict the production capacity, at present, the monthly order quantity is more than 6000 tons, and the cumulative benefit is more than 40000000 yuan, which provides a strong guarantee for the continuous optimization of the product structure and the realization of the maximum benefit.

“Silicon Steel is a ferrosilicon alloy with 0.8% to 4.8% silicon content. It is an indispensable ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy with extremely low carbon content in the fields of electric power, electronics, and other industries. Non-oriented silicon steel is a type of silicon steel, which is mainly used in large motors, household appliances, small and medium-sized motors, automobile motors, and new energy-driven motors,” said Zhao Xiaolong, senior engineer of cold-rolled varieties at the Institute of Carbon Steel and strip research of Hongxing Iron and steel research institute, with the implementation of the national“14th five-year plan”, energy, electronics, and other industries ushered in rapid development, silicon steel market demand continued to grow. Given this, the carbon steel sheet factory has seized the favorable opportunity to solve the key technical bottleneck problem restricting the batch production, accurately controlling the key process parameters, and effectively exerting the silicon steel production capacity.

A carbon steel sheet plant is a typical multi-process, long process of complex flow plant, the efficient and orderly connection of the processes is the key to the production capacity. In the steel-making process, the technical staff took various improvement measures to control the purity of molten steel, which made the inclusion of molten steel fully float, realized the stable casting of molten steel, and improved the continuous casting ability significantly. To solve the problem of batch production of silicon steel in a cold-acid pickling mill, the technical staff analyzed the reason for the silicon steel weld line broken strip for many times, adjusted the welding parameters according to the steel grade characteristics, and further optimized the welding environment. At the same time, a unique weld protection mode is developed to further improve the stability and continuity of weld rolling.

In addition, due to the influence of silicon mud during acid rolling, the production of 500 ~ 800 tons of silicon steel in each batch of the acid rolling mill must be adjusted to produce other kinds of silicon steel to ease the blocking of the acid circulation system. After the technical personnel exchange“Learning”, the plant is planning to support the backwashing system of silicon mud. After the system goes online, the cleaning time of the system is reduced from 3 days to less than 8 hours. The single batch silicon steel production capacity of the acid rolling mill can be increased from 800 tons to about 2000 tons.

“At the beginning, the silicon steel thickness of our plant was generally on the side of the thickness of other steel plants, and there was a positive tolerance phenomenon. The customer’s opinion was larger.” Zhao Xiaolong told reporters that the thickness gauge of the cold-rolled UCM mill for the carbon steel sheet plant had no alloy composition correction factor, because of the high content of SI and ALS in silicon steel, the alloy elements have a great influence on the measured data of thickness gauge. Since this year, technical personnel through the detection of silicon steel alloy elements on the thickness gauge X-ray attenuation effect, revised the silicon steel thickness gauge measurement coefficient, off-line detection of finished product thickness to reach a higher level of the industry, the Customer satisfaction has increased dramatically.

The research and development of non-oriented silicon steel is an important embodiment of JISCO’s adherence to the road of differentiation, multi-variety, and small batch. As one of the“Fist products” of JISCO, the carbon steel sheet plant will continue to focus on market promotion, further expand channels, improve product market distribution, and upgrade production capacity through the transformation of tooling equipment, we will strive to seize high-level market opportunities and constantly improve the ability to create efficiency.

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