Cold-rolled antibacterial stainless steel coil offline

“The antibacterial rate is more than 99% !” According to a recent report from the center for testing antibacterial materials at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical and chemical technology, the antibacterial rate of J430KJ stainless steel to E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus far exceeds the national standard of 95%, which marks the successful appearance of JISCO’s antibacterial stainless steel, become the only domestic production of ferritic antibacterial stainless steel with the capacity of enterprises.

Since this year, the sudden coronavirus epidemic has brought a huge impact on economic and social development and the work and life of the masses. JISCO has taken on the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises and made in-depth judgments on market trends, sensitive to determining the market demand for various anti-bacterial and anti-epidemic products, set up on February 18 by the general manager and chief engineer of the stainless steel branch as the head of the anti-bacterial stainless steel product development project group, after analyzing and judging the performance and cost of all kinds of antibacterial stainless steel, we begin to research and develop ferritic antibacterial stainless steel.

“After nearly three months of hard work, dozens of trial and error, and repeated efforts, we have finally overcome the problem of accurate control of the antibacterial phase,” said Cheng Yunxia, an engineer at the Stainless Steel Research Institute of JISCO, under the condition of stable and reasonable temperature control, the anti-bacterial rate of the product is guaranteed, and its mechanical, anti-corrosion, welding and other properties are equal to the original stainless steel, and it is not easy to produce crack defects, the cost is only two-thirds of that of conventional austenitic antibacterial stainless steel. At present, many specifications of ferritic antibacterial stainless steel cold-rolled products have been developed.

Antibacterial stainless steel is a kind of common stainless steel that is added with some antibacterial metal such as copper, and produces an antibacterial phase through the rolling process. When it is exposed to the surface of stainless steel, it will combine with bacterial protein, thus killing bacteria to achieve the antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect. “The antibacterial properties, surface quality, and mechanical properties of our ferritic stainless steel meet the requirements of the standard, and the quality of the product is also recognized by our downstream partners. In May, the first single ferritic antibacterial stainless steel has been successfully delivered to customers, after trial, the results fully meet the terminal requirements. Currently, the customer has submitted a follow-up order plan and is interested in long-term cooperation with JISCO,” said Pan Jixiang, chief engineer of the stainless steel branch, anti-bacterial stainless steel products can be widely used in tableware, kitchenware, sanitary ware, home appliances, elevators and other medical and public facilities, the market prospects are very broad.

“To win the Battle of prevention and control of the epidemic, we need strong scientific and technological support. Protect the good life, show the state-owned enterprises. With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, people’s awareness of health and protection has been increasing. JISCO has taken advantage of the situation to launch anti-bacterial stainless steel, which not only grasps the core technology of“Anti-bacterial”, holds the direction of the market, and meets the needs of people for anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial materials but also opens up new profit growth points for enterprises. In the next step, JISCO stainless steel will stick to the high-quality strategy, step up the development of new products, and lead the high-quality development of the enterprise with scientific and technological innovation,” said Qin Junshan, general manager of the stainless steel branch.”

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